The yoga we practice is not for ourselves alone, but for the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo


Dancers are the messengers of the gods.
Martha Graham


The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Dalai Lama


It is the truth that frees, not your effort to be free.
J Krishnamurti


When you go to the garden, do you look at thorns or flowers?
Spend more time with roses and jasmine.



Allow yourself to trust joy & embrace it. You will find your dance with everything.


I would believe only in a god who knows how to dance.
Friedrich Nietsche


The world needs healing now, and all of us, students and teachers alike, can spread the Joy of Nia and the message of movement, community, love and compassion to help heal peoples's hearts and souls and quite possible , the world.      

Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of Nia


Niamaste - We are...

Philippe and Sabine are living part of the year together in Auroville/India (, an international spiritual community, based on the ideal of human unity and the Integral Yoga.


Since 2004 they are travelling, presenting, teaching and moving people worldwide in Retreat Centers, Congresses, Conferences, Festivals, Workshops, Individual and Group Classes. They are organizing, producing and leading Retreats about movement, dance, mediataion, energy, healing and spirituality.


Sabine & Philippe are part of the Nia Traing Faculty (

Sabine is a licensed Soul Motion Teacher, Nia Trainer, Black Belt certified Nia Teacher, certified Nia 5 Stages Teacher, Pilates & Dance and Movement Teacher, Architect & Designer,  Integral Health & Life Coach.


Sabine, 44 years, German has shared her life during the last 20 years between Auroville in South India and Hamburg in North Germany.

She has studied for the last 25 years of her life, dance & movement & yoga & meditation from Ballet to Modern Dance, from Hip Hop to Jazz-Afro, from Indian Classical Dance to Nia, from Soul Motion to Dance Therapy, Yoga & Meditation, Pilates, Tai Chi and Chi Kung 


Licensed Soul Motion Teacher, Nia Trainer and Black Belt Nia teacher and certified Nia 5 Stages Teacher she has a passion for dance practices which integrates all realms of being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Living and dancing with a chronic disease since her brith, she has devoted her life to motivate and inspire everybody to integrate movement for joy, selfhealing and spiritual alignement in life. 


Passionate about travelling, she has journeyed on every continent and has a special and deep connection to India and Auroville. Her first studies in philosophy and communication sciences, psychology lead her naturally to embrace the vision of buddhism and meet eventually the Dalai Lama in 1996; she devoted her architect diploma to the tibetans and created the project "the 4 elements" (including architecture, design, movie, soundinstallation in a big exhibition).


"My passion in life is the realisation of the "Life as Art- Dancing through Life"-principle of the Nia Practise: dancing and sharing the experience of self-healing and creativity with others." 

Philippe is a Nia Trainer, certified Black Belt Nia teacher, certified Nia 5 Stages Teacher, Pilates Body Motion Teacher, Horse & Soul Educator, Integral Life Coach, and graduate from the ESG Business School of Paris.


Philippe Beaufour, French, 47 years old, after academic studies in ESG High Business School of Paris and 5 years intensive practice and studies of chinese martial arts with master Tran Kinh leading him to receive his black belts , started his professional life as corporate real estate broker in Paris. After 6 years in the speculative years of the Parisian boom and bust, he went through a personal crisis that nothing could solve except a deep decision to change lifestyle, continent and life orientation. He got the intuition to settle in the international experimental city of the future Auroville in South India where he has lived for 18 years as an Aurovilian. The practice of the “yoga of life”, conscious living and social experiment led him to unfold and unveil all the tools he needed to realize his dreams and deepest desires until he eventually met his life partner Sabine Zweig, dancer architect and designer. Together with her, he is leading a nomadic conscious lifestyle in Asia, Europe and the USA, teaching worldwide and giving workshops and retreats in the fields of conscious movement (Nia,Soul Motion, Chakra Awakening...) and life transformation.

The meeting and connections with thousands of people throughout the years have taught him the wealth of human potential and the amazing resources laying sometimes untapped in our lives.

His actual life purpose is to manifest this human greatness in all the people who cross his life, using the practical tools of integral life coaching, movement, music and true horsemanship.

His experience as a man, student, teacher, trainer, dancer, friend, lover, builder, planter, martial artist, painter, musician, guest house manager, security manager, biker, horse whisperer, French, tarot reader, spiritual being ...has been an extraordinary rich human life in this body.

Having developed a unique method using cards that reveal the truth of every situation one can be facing or involved in, he can proudly share his skills with new clients to transform any challenging reality into a successful life experience.

Welcome to the world of harmonious existence


extra curriculum :

  • ESG Ecole Superieure de Gestion de Paris 1990
  • Jones Lang Lassalle corporate real estate broker
  • School of the flying tiger of master Tran Kinh Paris (tai chi, kung fu, chi kung, meditation)
  • Nia teacher with white, green, blue, brown, black belts
  • Nia 5 stages of self healing intsructor
  • Nia trainer (part of the exclusive new generation Nia trainer group)
  • Soul Motion (Vinn Arjuna Marti founder) assistant in Esalen institute and Auroville India
  • Klaus Hempfling “dancing with horses” true horsemanship training in Danemark


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