The yoga we practice is not for ourselves alone, but for the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo


Dancers are the messengers of the gods.
Martha Graham


The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Dalai Lama


It is the truth that frees, not your effort to be free.
J Krishnamurti


When you go to the garden, do you look at thorns or flowers?
Spend more time with roses and jasmine.



Allow yourself to trust joy & embrace it. You will find your dance with everything.


I would believe only in a god who knows how to dance.
Friedrich Nietsche


The world needs healing now, and all of us, students and teachers alike, can spread the Joy of Nia and the message of movement, community, love and compassion to help heal peoples's hearts and souls and quite possible , the world.      

Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of Nia


2015/2016 Europe/ Israel/ US/ Asia Tour

November 2015 Bhaktiyogasummerfestival in South Germany!!!

November 20-21 Allgäu/ Germany:


Classes: Saturday morning: Niamaste Class, Sunday morning: Soul Motion

24.-30. November 2015 

Nia White Belt Intensive

at Ayala Alabang Village,

Manila, Philippines


December 12-13 in the Yoga Haus Ettlingen bei Karlsruhe/ Germany

Niamaste Choreography Weekend  -  for Belts!

limited for 28 participants - earlybird price!!! 1 spot left.



January/ February/March/April 2016 in India

2016 February 27- March 8 : 

Dance Chakra Retreat in India


Join us for this unique celebration retreat; 10 years jubilee India Retreats and 20 years jubillee Life in India for Sabine & Philippe.


1 double room left!

Auroville birthday meditation Feb 28! 

April 2016

April 10 in Osnabrück/ Germany

Nia & Soul Motion Classes


April 22-24 Berlin/ Germany:

Dance Movement Meditation Classes: Niamaste & Soul Motion

April 30 & May 1 in Eschlikon/ Switzerland

Saturday: Nia & Movementt Forns Playshops & Nia Class- brandnew Choreography 2016 

Sunday: SoulMotion Odyssey

registration: Chamuelle Claudia Schreiber | +41 (0)76 330 35 20 |

May 2016

May 6-8 in Budapest/ Hungary

location: The Shift  | Andrassy Út 35 | 1061 Budapest | Hungary


May 22 in Kassel/ Germany

Moving heArts Nia Day

location:Zentrum im Vorderen Westen | Lassallestraße 4 | 34119 Kassel | Germany

registration: Daphen Iben,, phone +49 (0) 561 - 93 71 037

May 27-29 in Kempten/ Allgäu/ Germany - a dance weekend

Nia & Soul Motion Events

Friday evening: opening Nia Class

Saturday Nia Workshoo & Class

Sunday: SoulMotion Workshop

location:  Ballettstudio Dàša Wagner | Residenzplatz 33 | 87435 Kempten Allgäu| Germany


June 2016

June 3-5 in Hulst/ Netherlands

Nia & Soul Motion Playshops & Masterclasses

registration: Marjon van Dorselaer, 

June 9-12 Allgäu/ Germany:

Dance Movement Meditation Classes: Nia & Soul Motion

June 14-23 ISRAEL-Tour 2016

we will be back in 2016 !!! 

contact: Debbie Needleman-Kaufmann,

June 24-26 in Ettlingen/ Yogahaus

Nia Classes For everybody) & Choreography Workshop "Spiritwaves" for Belts/ Teachers


limited places 

July 2016

July 15-17 in Oberlethe Retreatcenter close to Oldenburg/ North Germany

Weekend Sommer Tanz Retreat

Dancers of Life: "Tanz dich Sommer.Selig"



Doreen Tönjes,


September 2016

2016 Sept 17- Sept 24

 Mallorca Retreat

"The Sacred Dance & Movement Retreat"

Dance Nia & Soul Motion, 

Pilates-Yoga & Tai Chi-Chi Kung


Check for Photos and Infos here. 

Sign up NOW, limited spaces available.

October 2016

Octoberin Baltimore/ MD

Playshops & Masterclasses

Location:studios in Baltimore

Contact: Lola Manekinl, 


October / November Pittsboro/ North Carolina

Niamaste &SoulMotion weekend  

Location:Studio The Joy of Movement at Chatham Mills, 480 Hillsboro St-Suite #410, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Contact: Haven Carter at 650-704-2444 or

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