The yoga we practice is not for ourselves alone, but for the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo


Dancers are the messengers of the gods.
Martha Graham


The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Dalai Lama


It is the truth that frees, not your effort to be free.
J Krishnamurti


When you go to the garden, do you look at thorns or flowers?
Spend more time with roses and jasmine.



Allow yourself to trust joy & embrace it. You will find your dance with everything.


I would believe only in a god who knows how to dance.
Friedrich Nietsche


The world needs healing now, and all of us, students and teachers alike, can spread the Joy of Nia and the message of movement, community, love and compassion to help heal peoples's hearts and souls and quite possible , the world.      

Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of Nia



Nia Pearl Handwrist

Small Golden and silver perals for this unique Handwrist Design. 

handmade in Auroville/ India

Nia Leather Bracelets



different leather colors with the Logo stitched in different colors

Very soft around the hand wrist, "floorplay proofed", no metall


designed bey Philippe & Sabine

handmade in India




rings and pendants with Nia Logo, silver, handmade in India

designed by Sabine & Philippe




silk, made in India, different colors, long - middle - short

designed by Sabine & Philippe



different colors, wings to fly....

silk, made in India




neckholder dress, satin & cotton, made in India




cotton, white and silver prints

designed by Sabine & Philippe




silver, made in India

circle, S big, S small




peacock feathers from India w/silver, handmade 

designed and shaped by Sabine




silver with gemstones, handmade in India

designed by Sabine & Philippe


by Philippe

Niamaste DOJO fencing India

by Philippe, 2010

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